Hi, I'm Karen.

I'm an Oakland Bay Area based portrait photographer who enjoys collaborating with all kinds of artists & creative professionals.

My background in performing arts and music fuels my process and inspires the varying styles in my images.

Visuals, sounds, emotions, and movement are definitely my language.

I value building genuine connections with my subjects, and enjoy having honest conversations about curiosities and life experiences, what moves or inspires us, and the humans we love.

Images that excite me range from dynamic & colorful to soulful & honest, honoring authenticity and personal expression in alignment with the overall vision and message.

As a first-generation born Peruvian American, I'm empowered to be a Latinx artist in this industry. I support and am inspired to showcase fellow artists/professionals of color and of marginalized communities through my medium of photography.

You'll find me regularly traveling to serve the lush creative communities in New York and Los Angeles as well as corporate and tech companies here in the Bay Area.

Clients include | PepsiCo, Adobe, VSCO, NPR, Phenomenal Woman Campaign, Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign, Uber, Interana, Claris, Ethos, Cloudera




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