Hi, I'm Karen.

I'm a first generation Peruvian-American commercial portrait photographer based in Oakland, CA. 

My background in performing arts and art history fuels my process, deeply inspired by emotion, movement, and storytelling. Much of my curiosity about an individual's human experience and emotionality is what drew me to portrait photography, establishing my photo studio here in the Bay Area, with frequent commissions and travels to LA and New York. Although much of my clientele consists of Broadway performers and emerging TV/Film stars, my colorful work has also been sought out by other kinds of creative professionals and artists, publications and organizations, as well as social and executive leaders. 

My passion to celebrate marginalized communities of color through my photographic medium is highlighted in my work and personal projects. I believe imagery has the power to elevate marginalized communities through positive representation. 

I'm a member of Authority Collective and Diversify Photo, and I've also co-founded a creative non-profit called By And For which consists of Black, Indigenous, and People of color (BIPOC) creative photographers who are committed to the work of social justice activism and community building through acts of service. 

Clients include | PepsiCo, Adobe, VSCO, NPR, Phenomenal Woman Campaign, Kamala Harris Presidential Campaign, The Transgender District, Art Builds Community, Uber, Interana, Claris, Ethos, Cloudera, Nowadays




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